Permanent Lighting Solutions for Greenhouses, Clone Nurseries and Veg Rooms

Permanent Lighting Solutions for Greenhouses, Clone Nurseries and Veg Rooms


            With the passage of Prop 64 which legalized recreational cannabis in what many consider to be the largest individual market; California, there are new and exciting options for cannabis growers to modernize their technology.  As cannabis moves out of the medical market and into the much more lucrative recreational market, the budget that cannabis farms have on hand, to spend on improved technology, has paralleled the up uptick in overall recreational cannabis consumption. 

            LED lighting has been one of the major improvements in cultivation technology over the recent decades.  The once ubiquitous metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights of the past, with their fragile bulbs and heavy ballasts, are rapidly being phased out.  This trend has been seen primarily within the flowering rooms of major cannabis growers.  There has, however, been a peculiar lack of upgrading done to the lighting systems of clone rooms, vegetative rooms as well as within greenhouses. 

            Greenhouses, which receive the majority of their light from the sun, and can be run year-round, only require a few additional hours of supplemental lighting to produce yields even during winter.  For states with ideal outdoor and greenhouse cultivation conditions, providing supplemental lighting to greenhouse grows during darker seasons prevents the plants from flowering before they are mature.  Many growers who utilize this method have not given much consideration to the quality of light they are using to supplement the sun’s light with.  All too often, greenhouses will use sparsely hung metal halide lights or even CFL’s.  This solution does prevent the plants from flowering early but it misses out on the opportunity to give plants high quality light.

            Many greenhouse growers make this choice to use low quality supplemental light due to concerns that expensive LED lights will break or become damaged in the high-humidity environment within greenhouses.  Further, many growers now run cannabis farms that produce no cannabis.  That is, they run clone nurseries which sell clones in bulk to traditional growers.  Clone nurseries such as Kaprikorn Clones in Oregon, and Dark Heart Clones in California are two such innovative farms.  Additionally, clone rooms often utilize T5 florescent bulbs to give clones the minimum quantity and quality of light to allow them to root before being moved into proper lighting.

            At DroLED we are mindful of the history of these practices, though we believe greenhouses and clone nurseries are missing out on the opportunity to give their adolescent plants the high quality LED lighting that they deserve.  With regards to supplemental lighting within greenhouses, we believe that growers are missing out on a huge financial chance to produce a vastly improved harvest through the addition of high quality LED produced light.  Every single DroLED light we produce has the highest level of impact resistance, are water proof, and with Level 17 anti-hurricane rated and can survive any greenhouse environment.  With our virtually indestructible LED lights, which are unparalleled in quality, greenhouse growers don’t have to leave dollars on the table by skimping on lighting solutions.  Contact us today for information on outfitting your greenhouse or clone nursery with lights that will last.